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Scaling Minority-Led Impact Ventures

Founders from underrepresented demographic groups generally have limited access to investment, business networks and local know-how – crucial ingredients to the growth of any business. 

In lowering these barriers, BRAVE! is unleashing the hidden potential of minority-led enterprises for society.


You want to become part of the scale program and take your venture to the next level?

This upcoming semester we are focusing on the CROWDFUNDING ACCELERATOR together with COOP Crowdfunding. A great opportunity to expand your business. You can read more about it HERE!

To be eligible to participate in the accelerator, the startups have to fulfil the following requirements:

  • 50% of founders have a minority background
  • The startup is based in Denmark
  • Ready to market stage (MVP) or registered company
  • Pre-seed or Seed stage

Members of our community

Varan Pathmanathan

Varan Pathamanathan

MANAGING DIR. @purpose agency
Alexandra Ciobotaru

Alexandra Ciobotaru

PROGRAM LEAD @maersk growth
Michael Ambjorn

Michael Ambjorn

MANAGING DIR. @proptech
Stephan Christgau

Stephan Christgau