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Scaling Minority-Led Impact Ventures

The five pillars of brave!

SCALe Program

You want to become part of the scale program and take your venture to the next level?

The BRAVE! Accelerator program is aimed at minority-led ventures. To be eligible to participate in the accelerator, the startups have to fulfill the following requirements:

50% of founders have a minority background

The startup is based in Denmark

Ready to market stage (MVP) or registered company

Pre-seed or Seed stage

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Minorities in general have less access to investment and to crucial business network.


BRAVE data is all about gathering the necessary data to map the challenges, opportunities and the impact of minority impact founders in the Nordics.

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BRAVE! Empowerment

Series of activities that empower minorities to maximize their impact on making our society more sustainable.

These include activities such as:

Capacity-building programs for youth

BRAVE! Community Camps to generate ideas to solve local community sustainability challenges

BRAVE! Startup Sprint to find new venture ideas

BRAVE! Matchmaking to match minority impact talents meet impact companies

And so much more!

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The “M-Factor”

A yearly award where we identify and celebrate minorities within the sustainability and impact field.

The award targets minority founders as well as minority leaders within the business sector that are playing an active role within the sustainable transition of our society. The “M-Factor” will run on 8th of June 2023

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BRAVE! Commitment

The BRAVE! Commitment is a shared vision to align diversity with the organization’s ESG visions and provides the opportunity to put diversity policies into motion. It takes courage and bravery to take action and make a difference for minority impact founders.
Learn more about the BRAVE! Commitment HERE!
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Scale program

You are a pioneer.

We are experienced leaders and entrepreneurs.

Together, we will help you scale your business - to create a greener future.

The BRAVE! accelerator program helps minority-led impact startups to take their businesses to the next level. The accelerator focuses on four main pillars:

1. strengthening investment opportunities
2. optimising product development & business model
3. strengthening business relations
4. strengthening your sustainability profile (brand awareness)

The teams will receive support and guidance from our teams of experts and hand-selected mentors, all of whom have years of experience in a variety of business fields.

Program content

Timeline process

The Mentor Program

We are aware that everyone’s needs and capacity are different and influenced by many various factors such as the stage of the venture and the challenges it is facing.


6 weeks of mentoring to help the founder to improve or adapt the product to match the market needs.


8 weeks of mentoring to help the startup to scale your product and improve its investment opportunities.


One day springboard with four selected professionals to help you with a specific challenge.

Members of our Community

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