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Boost your Green business?

Welcome to BRAVE! Crowdfunding Accelerator (BCA)

The ultimate program for non-Danish founders with an impact product or service. Our unique combination of business development and fundraising expertise will help you take your venture to the next level.

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You are a pioneer.

We are experienced leaders and entrepreneurs.

Together, we will help you scale your business - to create a greener future.

Find out more about the program?

The BRAVE! Crowdfunding Accelerator (BCA) program comprises a series of workshops designed to empower you as a founder to really grasp the proof of concept of your business.

Workshops with COOP Crowdfunding: Navigate how to run a strategic crowdfunding campaign with COOP’s expert partnership. Make sure you reach your financing goals and increase sales by partnering up with Denmark’s leading crowdfunding platform.

Program Timeline


To participate at the Green Crowdfunding Accelerator a community contribution of 500 DKK must be paid and a platform fee for COOP Crowdfunding. You can read more about the platform fee HERE.

First payment
Additional costs
Platform fee
First payment
Additional costs
Platform fee


BRAVE! Crowdfunding Accelerator workshops focus on core elements such as vision, mission, impact, target groups, and stakeholders.

By harnessing these insights, attendees will be able to execute succesful crowdfunding initiatives that lead to funding success, enhanced visibility, and increased sales performance.

Are you still not convinced if BCA is for you?

Listen to the story of Sarah Feldes, Digital Manager @PESITHO, explaining how their business benefited from our last crowdfunding program.